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Trends in IP Law: Domenica Hartman of Hartman Global Gives the Inside Scoop in the Age of Apps


When it comes to Intellectual Property Law, no one keeps their finger on the pulse of the industry quite like Hartman Global does. Founders Gary and D...

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Entrepreneur or Small Biz Owner? Hartman Global IP Law Can Help Protect What’s Most Important to You

Retail & Distribution

Over the last 20 years, we’ve become so incredibly connected and mobile that operating and maintaining a business can, for many business owners, be do...

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Hartman Global Working with NWI’s The Fischer Group to Bring Energy Efficiency to Industries


Recently, Hartman Global IP Law helped secure patents for one region company that is truly on the cutting edge of their industry. The Fischer Group (T...

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Connecting Innovators with Resources Like PNW’s Commercialization and Manufacturing Excellence Center


So, you’re an innovator. A creator, an inventor, and an entrepreneur. You’ve got your idea for a product or a way of doing something differently that’...

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Hartman Global IP Law Helps One Local Comic Book Creator Navigate the Ins & Outs of Protecting His Work

Collage created using TurboCollage software from

Creativity is everywhere and it can be an incredibly powerful trait. From artists and designers to writers and musicians, creativity brings the imagin...

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Hartman Global IP Law: Technological Advances Have Changed Media Protective Rights


Today, it’s easier than ever to have a voice and to get your message out to people across the globe. The smartphones, tablets or laptops that we carry...

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