ScribbleBand: Copyright Protects Simple Idea From Knockoffs


Sometimes it takes a combination of copyrights and patents to guard your ideas. Learn how Hartman Global applied both to cost-effectively protect ScribbleBand from counterfeiters.

An invention begins with a great idea. Dave Bullock had one when he noticed his middle school students writing reminders on their hands. He wondered whether they might instead write on a bracelet with an erasable surface, and ScribbleBand was born!

His idea was simple, and easily copied, so he sought advice from Hartman Global Intellectual Property Law. “If you don’t have proper legal protection, it’s like swimming with sharks. Knockoff companies are circling, waiting to jump on board and steal your product idea,” Dave said. “Having a simple item increases your need for legal protection.”

Although Dave knew he needed a patent attorney, he admits his knowledge was minimal. “Going to Hartman Global was almost like going to school. They taught me a lot about the process, which was very comforting,” he said. “Their approach was friendly and honest, and they had a genuine concern for me and my company.”

The firm quickly got to work. “They wasted no time starting the protection process. Their efficiency was excellent,” Dave explained.

Finding the Best Protection Formula

In addition to patents, the firm filed copyright and trademark protections for ScribbleBand. “The design and jewelry aspects of my products are like works of art and fall under copyright,” Dave said. “The typical person might not know that, but Hartman Global figured out the right formula to give me the most protection without costing me an arm and a leg.”

The firm was also honest about the potential for success. “They didn’t waste money applying for things that wouldn’t be approved. Instead, they found the most cost-effective way to protect my products,” he said.

“The attorney search can be scary. You won’t find anyone more friendly, honest and knowledgeable than the people at Hartman Global,” Dave added.