Copyrights protect original “works” of authorship that are fixed in tangible form, such as literary, musical, dramatic, pictorial, graphic, sculptural, audiovisual, and architectural works. Generally, a copyright gives the owner of the copyright the exclusive right to reproduce a work, to prepare derivatives of the work, to distribute copies of the work, and to display the work publicly. Though copyright applications can often be completed and filed by the copyright owner, the assistance of an attorney is advisable if there are any legal determinations required in order to establish authorship, the nature of authorship, the type of registration form required, or the status of a work as a derivative.

While imitation may be the “sincerest form of flattery,” it’s not a sound practice for those who create works of authorship. At Hartman Global, we are dedicated to protecting our clients’ original works whether they are artistic, literary, or architectural in nature.

With 25 years of experience in copyright law, our attorneys also understand that new products often have elements that require copyright protection in addition to patent and trademark protection. We identify what those elements are and devise cost-effective strategies for providing maximum protection. Our firm helps clients protect their copyrights by:

  • Assessing the rights in a work
  • Identifying appropriate types of copyright registration
  • Drafting and negotiating assignment and licensing agreements
  • Registering works at the United States Copyright Office
  • Enforcing copyrights
  • Advising on litigation and recommending resource