A patent is a property right granted to an inventor in exchange for the inventor’s disclosure of his/her invention. “Utility” patents can be obtained to protect processes, machines, articles of manufacture, and compositions. A U.S. patent grants its owner the right to exclude others from making, using, selling, and offering the patented invention within the U.S. However, a patent will be granted only if the invention (a) is novel, new, and unique, (b) is unobvious in view of what has been done previously, and (c) was not used in public or offered for sale more than one year before filing the application.

Uniquely Qualified

Since 1995, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued patents for over 90% of the applications prepared and prosecuted by Hartman Global to completion on behalf of clients in technologies that include materials, mechanical, and computer sciences. The success we’ve achieved on behalf of our clients is a direct result of our attorneys’ training, credentials, years of experience, and highly personalized approach.

Every patent attorney at Hartman Global holds a law degree as well as a Bachelor of Science degree in either materials science or mechanical engineering. In addition, our technical knowledge extends beyond academia to real-world industry experience, as each of our attorneys worked as an engineer prior to joining Hartman Global. Our practical and hands-on engineering backgrounds enable Hartman Global to quickly assess an invention and its various technical and commercial aspects, which allows us to expedite the protection of your intellectual property, reduce competitive risks, and save you time and money.

In addition to our unique combination of engineering and patent experience, Hartman Global’s highly personal approach further distinguishes us from other intellectual property law firms. With a true appreciation of the journey that our clients have traveled to take an idea from concept to completion, we invest the time to gain a comprehensive understanding of each client’s work and business objectives. Then, we prepare patent applications that focus on the technical and commercial objectives of the client, will maximize protection, and support effective licensing.

Hartman Global’s proven track record of success in the patent field is reflected in the long list of patents issued for our clients in a wide variety of technical fields and industries, including aerospace, medical, electronic, computer, automotive, and manufacturing.

Hartman Global’s patent services include:

  • Preparing and filing patent applications in the USPTO and foreign offices
  • Preparing patentability, infringement, validity, and inventorship opinions
  • Managing the licensing, assignment, and enforcement of patents
  • Drafting licensing, joint development, and nondisclosure agreements
  • Transferring ownership and facilitating recordation
  • Conducting due diligence to support “Freedom-to-Operate” and “Right-to-Use” opinions
  • Asserting and defending patent infringement
  • Advising on litigation and recommending resources